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First Impressions Matter

Your appearance communicates a nonverbal statement about  your personality, profession, economic status, ethnic origin, gender and more.   What is your wardrobe saying about you?  

Looking Fabulous Just Got Easier


Savvy Sista is a luxury lifestyle company that provides information and activities to Spice Up Your Life utilizing affordable fashion advice, awesome events and worldwide travel.  We'll create and execute a game plan offering suggestions and solutions based on your individual needs. 

Savvy Sista was established for busy professionals who don't have the time nor expertise to assemble a timeless wardrobe that gets you noticed for the right reasons.  Look picture perfect for every occasion; polished and professional, sophisticated and sexy or casual and comfortable.   Savvy Sista Stylist  assist with selecting stylish clothing that you'll love: tailor made for your body, personality and lifestyle.  

Society places unrealistic expectations on women to look model perfect.  It becomes challenging to maintain a fresh youthful appearance, especially for women over forty who maybe experiencing hormonal imbalances that are attributing to weight gain, thinning hair, irritability and more.  

Savvy Sista understands that focusing on fashion trends and time consuming beauty routines takes a back seat to all the other demands in your life.  We believe the better you look the better you feel.   Savvy Sista will assist you with mastering the Art of Aging well. 

Savvy Sista Adds A Little Sparkle To Your Life